Wednesday, December 01, 2010

[ Me ] - I'm Glad I Go~!

If I go, doesn't mean that i am the BAD PERSON.. 
It jz means that my part in your story is over.. 

I am not the main cast in your story..
The AUTHOR end up my part for some reasons..
and i am pretty sure
Your story will be the best seller of the year..

* i'm not clearly sure why i miss her so much *


azieda razak said...

who 'her' tu??

aizuemi said...

her = my luvly sister~ huhuhu~

which sis? dont bother to knw.. hahahhaha~

miss nina said...

i love the qoute aizu :)
btw.. ada sedikit persamaan dengan kisah saya.

aizuemi said...

i love the quote too..

chucky said...

bagus neh..aku leh gunekan..
pinjam ye,nk simpan dlm hati

aizuemi said...

amek la chuck..

azee said...

that was what i apply in my life story.. just let them go

aizuemi said...

yup.. let em.. n we jz continue our life..