Friday, November 19, 2010

[ Me ] - Free! Free! Ayuh! Freedom!

©2010 ~RidiculousRandomHero

i seek for freedom..
is that too much to ask..

i need freedom..
to love you with my own way..
as simple as i could..

i look for freedom
freedom to love again 
and without looking at the past..

last but never least
freedom to be loved
without hurting anyone especially ME.. 


miezaniera said...

papadom mau kaa?

Anonymous said...

bleh gaks.. mkn sama nasi kandar~

- jawapan dr tuan uma.. mls nk login~

..::jane doe::.. said...

ape ni?ape ni?tak faham lah.sila cakap bahasa melayu.


aizuemi said...

ileks ar jane doe.. skali skale speakang.. bukang slalu..