Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kak Ira!

Happy Birthday, wish you were here,
Happy Birthday, wish I was there,
Happy Birthday, my dear,
Happy Birthday, I say with care.
Happy Birthday My Lovely Sister
Ira Yuliati Norzam

14 Mac 2009

It's your 27th birthday
i hope i still be your naughty sister
until i die...

I can't wait to see baby ira
she / he will be a new happiness for you and syed

and I wish for your happiness, prosperity and loves..

-lot of loves from me, aizuemi-


Anonymous said...

thanks zue..
n thanks for the kezutan awak n farry~ sgt2 suke!!

aizuemi said...

no problem kak..

p/s to farry : see.. i told you she will love it... hahahhahhah~

Unknown said...

hepi besday gak to kak ira ;)

Farihah said...

yelah dak kechik...setuju2...ira...sangat happy bile ko suke..

Yong Zahura said...

Happy Birthday...
wpun dah belated, but I really hope your life are bestowed with greatness and happiness!!

Anonymous said...

thanks kak yong~