Friday, December 03, 2010

[ Me ] - The Moment I Will Never Forget..

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oh my dear I love you so,
But there’re just things I can not show,
you said you don’t show love physically,
you said you like keeping things secretly,
I go ahead and trust your words,
hoping they were not lies you said,
I believe everything in you, and Im stuck with you,
I pretend that Im fine, but inside Im in pieces,
Im in pain, Im hurt,
just because I pretend to be alright without you,
now I can’t find a day that I will have a smile on my face,
I wish those old days will return,
when you were everything to me and I beg you please don’t go,
and you said i’ll try to stay just because I love you,
and those sweet words I won’t forget
because they’re all that reminds me of you.

* i took the poem from *


chucky said...

tiada kene mengena dgn entry sebelom ni kan?

aizuemi said...

mcm xde.. jz luv d poem.. hehehehe~

..::jane doe::.. said...

picture tersebut sgt art. nk try wat la camtu.. hehe

Unknown said...

i love you.. hehehheee

aizuemi said...

tgh ko busan2 wat keje skool, bleh ar